Sweetwater Music Hall

THE CHRISTMAS JUG BAND with Special Guest Kathy Kennedy

All Ages
Thursday, December 21, 2023
Doors: 7pm Show: 8pm
with Special Guest Kathy Kennedy, Lead Singer with Big Bang Beat, Zasu Pitts Memorial
Orchestra and Mickey Thomas Starship

The Christmas Jug Band returns to bring you your musical holiday wackiness, with Paul Rogers, Greg Dewey, Tim Eschliman, Snakebite Jacobs, Candy Girard, Paul Robinson and Blake Richardson. This show, that includes performers from Dan Hicks’ Hot Licks and Back pOrchEstra, features mostly CJB numbers including the single, “Christmas On the Moon,” poking fun at space billionaires, plus a good handful of Dan Hicks’ humorous holiday tunes.
Parul Rogers – over 3 decades with the CJB, Those Darn Accordions bandleader
Tim Eschliman – founding CJB member, Back Porchestra leader, Etta James, Commander Cody
Duke Dewey – founding CJB member, from Mad River & Country Joe & The Fish, Marty Balin
Snakebite Jacobs – 18 years with CJB, also recent New Orleans Nightcrawlers grammy.
Candy Girard – 3 year CJB member, Back Porchestra violinist, Delaney Bramlet, Tanya Tucker
Blake Richardson -  over 3 decades with the CJB
Paul Robinson – CJB alumnus, was in Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks, leads “The Hot Licks” show these days.

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