All Ages
Thursday, August 15, 2024
Doors: 7pm Show: 8pm
Tracorum’s contagious musical journeying is a blend of southern rock, soul, honky tonk, and roots americana. Rhythmic diversity adds elements of funk, caribbean and gospel stomp to their unique feel good sound. Great songwriting, strong vocals and timeless storytelling are the vehicle on which this powerful quartet is making their national ascent.
“At the end of the day we are a Rock n Roll band in the truest sense” says piano/vocalist Fletcher Nielsen, “We thrive on a diversity of sound because it’s an honest representation of where we collectively come from as people.
“In one show we might musically visit New Orleans, the Appalachian mountains, Delta blues, church, psychedelic 60’s, England’s Rock heroes, say hello to Dylan and Willie Nelson drop Parliament/Funkadelic a bone and end up in Jamaica with a final stop in Memphis via southern Georgia.
“It works because every song or style we play is unified by the true heart of rock and roll that is put into every performance. Tracorum has developed a unique sound which makes every original song or choice cover we play come across as if it was our own. People say eclectic is a marketing death wish but the spirit of resistance and potential that threads through our shows connects us with the audience in an symbiotic convergence that leaves both the band and the crowd energized night after night, for us that is Rock and Roll.”

The Band:
Ben Andrews – Guitar, Fiddle, Vocals
Paul Martin Sounder– Bass, Vocals
Daria “Shani” Johnson – Drums, Vocals
Fletcher Nielsen – Piano, Vocals
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