Orchestra Gold with Makuru

All Ages
Sunday, May 12, 2024
Doors: 7pm Show: 8pm
Behind Oakland CA-based ensemble Orchestra Gold’s original sound is a decade-long story of knowledge, respect, and collaboration between Mariam Diakite of Mali and Erich Huffaker of Oakland. Blending the traditions of Mali and American Rock/Funk with a retro feel, OG represents a world of powerful cross-cultural experience. OG offers a kaleidoscope of magical sound deeply rooted in the past while boldly blazing towards the genre-bending future: African Psychedelic Rock. With the January 2023 release of their third album, Medicine, this profoundly spiritual and dance-inducing ensemble continues their pursuit of spreading healing and community through the universal gift of music.
“Mali’s musical heritage is vast…and Mariam’s voice channels that history”
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