Israel Vibration

All Ages
Thursday, April 18, 2024
Doors: 7pm Show: 8pm
ISRAEL VIBRATION has an impressive catalog of music with many classic hits such as Ball Of Fire, Get Up & Go, Cool & Calm, Why Worry, Vultures, Licks & Kicks and The Same Song. Their music is loved worldwide. Ras Records and Jim Fox of Lion and Fox recording Studios in Washington DC were instrumental in building their catalog as one of the greatest legacies in the history of reggae music. All over the world you will hear their songs floating through the air in the streets, out of people’s houses and cars and in the dance halls. Their music lives forever.
With the passing of Skelly and Apple, the other two original singers in the group, Wiss is now the last man singing. Wiss is holding it strong, successfully fronting ISRAEL VIBRATION performing all of the great classic I-Vibes songs. His talent as a front man is really evident now. The fans love Wiss and they love the whole group. The overall vocals are ever strong with Bunny Brissett and Steve Golding singing background vocals.
Israel Vibration works with The Roots Radics band who are some of the best reggae recording musicians in the business. Flabba Holt, Dwight Pinkney and T-Bird are the same musicians who recorded I- Vibes albums with Dr. Dread of Ras Records and Jim Fox of Lion and Fox recording Studios. Each musician is classic and the rhythms are grooving like a well oiled machine. Their live music is rock solid like their albums and the people love it.
Mention the name ISRAEL VIBRATION in reggae music circles and watch the warmth of recognition and appreciation of those who recognize this very special vocal group. The positive vibrations emanating from the music of ISRAEL VIBRATION have been spellbinding audiences, critics and DJs for over three decades. The lead vocalists cast a harmonious musical spell, weaving traditional roots reggae with a mesmerizing sound and deeply spiritual message. ISRAEL VIBRATION have been touring very strong worldwide for many years. They are regularly featured internationally on most of the major Reggae Festivals.
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