Lovin’ Dead and Grassomoxoa

All Ages
Saturday, July 06, 2024
Doors: 7:30pm Show: 8:30pm
Lovin’ Dead

Lovin’ Dead is a rockin’ San Francisco Bay Area band, inspired by the late 80’s sound of the Grateful Dead. From the soul-moving ballads to deep-swimming, psychedelic jams, they celebrate a love for the Dead’s music and their improvisational spirit with the audience.
Jay Wilcox is a longtime student of Garcia’s guitar work from the North Bay Area. His playing has been described as soulful with heartfelt attention to the songs. He carries a deep appreciation for all eras and songs of the Dead.  An Alabama getaway to the Bay Area, Zach Jones combines his love for the music and entertaining audiences to deliver high energy performances. His dynamic presence and attention to Weir’s approach ensures everyone’s enjoyin’ the ride. Jeff Quigley began his musical journey taking piano lessons at an early age and eventually discovered his way to Dead shows in the late 80s’. He formed Sonoma County based Jam band Rochembeau. He plays in Like a Rose a JGB celebration with Jay. Jeff captures the sound of Brent Mydland with his Hammond B3. Michael Land has spent decades studying the inventive bass lines and nuanced tones
of Phil Lesh. He provides an authentic foundation that propels the music forward with that familiar, percolating groove. Anna Elva a native to the East Bay, a purveyor of pulse and avid pattern-seeker. Influenced by decades of performing classic Soul, Motown, R&B, New Orleans, Rock,
and 90’s music, her drumming is unique and incorporates her own spin on the Mickey/Billy combo. Lovin’ Dead is deadicated to sharing experience and appreciation for the music.

The fine art of bluegrass and the music of the Grateful Dead have been linked before the Dead even existed. Any fan knows that bluegrass was the foundation of Jerry Garcia’s lifelong commitment to his craft. He would later revisit it in 1973 with the short-lived, yet very influential project, Old and in the Way. It finally came back around in the early 90’s when Garcia-Grisman was formed. Even when bluegrass wasn’t at the forefront for Jerry, it was always a factor just beneath the surface.
Grassomoxoa (a clever nod to the 1969 GD album, Aoxomoxoa) is comprised of four men who are extremely passionate about bluegrass and the Grateful Dead. The idea of merging these two entities is nothing new. However, the way in which they approach it instills the songs with a fresh and vibrant energy. Riley Hill (guitar), Bud Dillard (mandolin), Isaac Cantor (banjo) and Scotty Brown (bass) are old friends who embody the sort of freewheeling spirit that Jerry himself held dear. 
You’ve seen them in their other bands, including Grateful Bluegrass Boys, Dusty Green Bones, One Grass Two Grass and Electric Tumbleweed. Here we’ll see them delve deeper than ever before into the far corners of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia songbook. You can count on a magical combination of both traditional string music and progressive jam explorations. It will be just like a late-night picking session around the fire.  
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